Emtek Door Hardware to Enhance the Looks of Your Home

It’s a common tendency to overlook door accessories while building homes. But choosing right hardware is vital as it assures not only safety and security of your home but also enhance the looks of the entire room. When someone comes to your home the first thing he comes across is your door. To make a good first impression on your visitors you must give a lot of attention to its details. A lot of thought needs to be put in what kind of door accessories should be used to provide security, durability and striking looks to it. Emtek is one of the top companies providing top of the line, high quality and affordable products including hinge, door closer, be doorknobs, door handle or crash bar and fasteners.

While choosing door accessories it needs to be kept in mind whether it is to be used in residential property or a Commercial property. As both the places serve different purpose so the products need to be chosen accordingly. If your home is having a modern look you should use only a modern design of hardware as any other type will be a total mismatch and will not compliment the looks of the rooms and other stuff. A modern home should not have door accessories with antique look. Emtek Door Hardware comes in all finishes, styles, shapes, sizes and design to match the looks and design of your home.

Similarly Door knobs should be bought according to your use. Knobs used on the exterior entrance are different from those used on your master bedroom door. Emtek Door Hardware also comes with option of child security feature to enhanced security and privacy. Available in steel finish, antique look, brass finish, wood finish and glass, Emtek has something to suit everybody’s needs and requirements.

Antique Door Knobs – Dress up Your Home With Timeless Beauty

If you are creating the perfect old home getaway for yourself, you need to pay special attention to the little details that may give away the reality. Modern homes often have modern hardware that will betray their true age. Your average sterile hardware is not going to go with your beautiful Mediterranean home or French chateau. They just don’t add to the character. They actually end up being a conflict in design with your home. Instead those modern door knobs and other hardware pieces are going to stick out like a sore thumb, ruining the experience you have worked so hard to create. This is when you need to say out with the new and in with the old, antique door knobs.

One of the easiest ways to test the d├ęcor of a home is through the door knobs of the home itself. From the time you approach a home and turn the knob on the front door to the moment you go into or out of any room through a door, the door knobs help set the tone, visually, for what the home is all about.

In many cases a home begs for a more rustic or antique look that is in keeping with its design. If you own an older home that has been remodeled over they ears it may actually be asking you for a return to the kinds of hardware that would have been in style when it was first built. For instance during the 60s and 70s there was a drive to change out the antique door knobs to match the fashions of the time. Now 30 years later those knobs may seem antiquated but not in the right way. Now you can fix things by getting the real antique door knobs that match your home and change them back.

The best way to know if your home needs a change back to antique door knobs is to ask it. That doesn’t mean you need to talk to the walls or anything, but as you walk around your house, take notice of the doors. Do they seem to be missing that special touch? Are they begging for those antique door knobs back?

Even if your home did not have them in the first place, antique door knobs are a great way to overhaul the look of a door or all the doors in your home. Many times today when you have the infamous 6-paneled doors, or even white doors, adding antique door knobs saves you changing the doors themselves. Alone, and with modern hardware, these doors may seem very boring, but it is amazing the transformation that seems to take place by just adding antique door knobs. Once you have made the change you may realize it is not the door that is bothering you, but the hardware. Changing out old fixtures for antique door knobs with glass or gold accent can make that old door new again for much less money than replacing the whole thing.