Antique Door Knobs – What They Can Do For Your Door

Bring a touch of old times and elegance in your home redecorating your old doors with some antique door knobs and change your environment in indirect and subtle way, especially if you want to stand out with style and drop of elegance. Antiques are simple solution for your interiors and they offer a simple transformation of your old or boring new doors and save your money for installing whole new doors by applying one piece of door hardware. Their durability and style combine with extreme flexibility of appliance makes them one of the most wanted pieces of home accessories. They are in great demand among collectors and customers and to meet the growing demand they are exported all over the world.

You can find them made of glass, porcelain which are especially attractive for light and modern homes, then crystal ones and brass which are classic. Greek style brass antique door knobs are one of the preferable styles both with carvings and smooth variation. Then there you have glass knobs with variety of colors that only glass can display. Crystal ones with shine and elegance are loved and appreciated for a perfect fit of impressive front doors. Melon shaped antique door knobs was always customer’s favorite.

So visit local antiquity stores or purchase on internet for original old ones. That idea is great because that way you would have a piece or artwork worth much more for its historical value but also after you applied finish it will look spectacular but never over the edge. Whatever your choice is antique door knobs will altered your home and give it a conventional charm and warm feel. Don’t forget that you will have a genuine piece of history in your home if you are so lucky to find desirable number of originals antique door knobs.