Door Hardware Helps Pull “Home Remodeling Projects” Together

So you have decided to undertake a home remodeling project, and you think you’ve thought of everything. Fresh paint for the walls, perhaps some new carpeting…if you are redoing the kitchen, new cabinetry, maybe the same if you are redoing the bath. The big things like these, as well as decorative touches like window treatments, rugs, throw pillows on the sofas and chairs, and pictures for the walls, are always the things we think about first when we give a room in our home a makeover, regardless of what room that might be.

But if you have not considered also updating your door hardware in the course of your home improvements, you are missing out on a change you can make that will really give the new décor of the room a finished, pulled together look. In that way, it will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room, even though it might sound like a small detail to worry over at first blush. In the home décor business, plain and stodgy door knobs are a thing of the past – though, of course, you can still use those if they are what floats your boat – and decorative hardware has become increasingly popular. With decorative door hardware, you can dress up your door in the same way you dress up a window with a new set of drapes or add a pretty vase to an end table or mantelpiece. They are a way to add one more touch of style to the room.

Decorative door hardware is available in an amazing array of shapes, colors, styles and finishes, so you can’t help but find some pieces that fit in with the room’s color scheme and style perfectly. For nature lovers, you can find door knobs in the shape of flowers or made from natural materials like wood and stone. You can even find door levers shaped like small branches. For elegant and Victorian style rooms, choose glass door knobs with beveled edges that catch the light.

From ornate wrought iron to smooth antique brass to stainless steel and everything in between, choosing beautiful decorative hardware will add that perfect finishing touch to your room, and since adding new hardware to a door is an easy do it yourself project and the pieces themselves are relatively inexpensive, you can complete the project in a few hours and have a new room accent you can be proud of without breaking the bank or having to call in a professional.