Picking the Right Door Hardware and Knobs For the Job

Many people forget how important choosing the right hardware can be in making your home as beautiful as possible. Cheap hardware or hardware that really doesn’t match your overall aesthetic can make a space look unfinished, unpolished, and not well thought out. The perfect hardware can make a space look immensely better. As they say, “It’s all in the details!” Use these tips to make sure you use hardware that makes the space zing.

Think Color

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing hardware is choosing the wrong color. A beautiful mahogany door will not look so beautiful with a cheap chrome door knob. Gorgeous oak cabinets will look cheap with plain, painted gold knobs. People, knowingly or not, really look to the hardware detail when evaluating how luxurious and appealing the entire space is, so by choosing the right hardware, you literally up the appearance of everything. Think carefully about what metals truly fit your design style. You may be able to even look to your other metallic accessories such as your favorite lamp to see what direction you need to go. Choose dark metallic finishes such as oil rubbed bronze or metallic black if you want the decorative doorknobs and cupboard handles to blend into dark wood finishes like walnut and dark cherry. If you really want the hardware to stand out, pick a purposefully contrasting finish for your cabinet knobs and handles like satin nickel. Typically you will want all your hardware color to match, so also make sure to buy exposed hinges, faucets, and even exposed screws in the same finish. This will cost you a few extra dollars, but will make the space look hundreds if not thousands of dollars better.

Think Style

The color of your hardware for things like interior doorknobs can make a huge difference, but if you choose the right color in the wrong style, you still won’t be happy. Think about the design style of the other items in the space. If you have the space filled with antiques or new items that are manufactured to look old, also buy antique doorknobs or other antique reproduction hardware. If you have a very formal space, think about using things like crystal doorknobs or crystal cabinet knobs. There are hundreds of places to buy all kinds of specialty hardware, so it isn’t difficult to find a style that works for you as long as you take the time to put thought into what would work best. If your design is modern and sleek, you can easily find hardware that reflects the same. If your design is shabby sheik, there is also perfect hardware available for that. You may not find the perfect hardware in the selection of stock Schlage doorknobs at your local home improvement store, but don’t limit yourself to that selection. It is truly amazing how much the overall appearance of a room can be transformed if you simply take the time to order hardware online or through special order at a store that is truly what the design calls for.

Door Handle and Hardware Tips

If you are refurbishing your home or simply replacing your door hardware, make sure you choose a door handle that would work best for your house, from design to functionality. For your Art Deco home, a chrome door handle would be perfect to complete the look. If you have an elderly or kids living with you, perhaps a lever, instead of a knob, would be easier to use for everyone. There are definitely many things you should consider when shopping for a door handle. Here are some suggestions you should keep in mind.

Security is, of course, your main concern when looking for a door accessory. Latches, locks and handles need to fit perfectly and last long. Some people are eager to splurge on high-tech lock sets like keyless and card-swipe systems. However, you need to be sure if they are 100% reliable.

For your front and back doors made of solid materials like wood, a single cylinder dead bolt would do. However, if you have delicate glass doors, which are accessible and attractive to burglars, your better option would be a double cylinder dead bolt, which needs to be opened with a key from both inside and out.

It is possible to have both design and function in door handles and lock sets, especially the ones on your main entrance. Many shops, brick-and-mortar or online, offer a full range of designs for door handles, from antique to modern minimalist. If you have a Victorian or other traditional type of home, you might want to try a glass door knob to add elegance and highlight your architectural design. Your minimalist home, meanwhile, would look very chic in any type of chrome door handles, whether in satin or polished finish. With the right design, this little piece of hardware can definitely make a big impact.

Once you have installed your door accessories, you should, of course, maintain them properly, too. Make sure your door locks and latches are aligned properly and can be easily opened and closed. If you keep using misaligned locks and latches, you will not only destroy the hardware, but you may also be locked inside or outside your house or your room.

You should also check immediately if your door hinges are squeaking. Sometimes it might need just a little cleaning. You should also be aware of what kind of material your door hardware is made of, so you won’t be applying any harmful chemical that might make it rust easily. For instance, brass door accessories need only soapy water or beeswax for cleaning, while chrome door handles are usually maintenance-free and require only non-abrasive wax, if you want a thorough maintenance.

It would, indeed, be a pity if you go through all this trouble of finding the perfect door hardware, just to be left with one that does not work properly in just a year or so. Be sure to keep in mind these tips so you will have door hardware that suits your requirements, design- and function-wise.