Antique Door Knobs – Dress up Your Home With Timeless Beauty

If you are creating the perfect old home getaway for yourself, you need to pay special attention to the little details that may give away the reality. Modern homes often have modern hardware that will betray their true age. Your average sterile hardware is not going to go with your beautiful Mediterranean home or French chateau. They just don’t add to the character. They actually end up being a conflict in design with your home. Instead those modern door knobs and other hardware pieces are going to stick out like a sore thumb, ruining the experience you have worked so hard to create. This is when you need to say out with the new and in with the old, antique door knobs.

One of the easiest ways to test the d├ęcor of a home is through the door knobs of the home itself. From the time you approach a home and turn the knob on the front door to the moment you go into or out of any room through a door, the door knobs help set the tone, visually, for what the home is all about.

In many cases a home begs for a more rustic or antique look that is in keeping with its design. If you own an older home that has been remodeled over they ears it may actually be asking you for a return to the kinds of hardware that would have been in style when it was first built. For instance during the 60s and 70s there was a drive to change out the antique door knobs to match the fashions of the time. Now 30 years later those knobs may seem antiquated but not in the right way. Now you can fix things by getting the real antique door knobs that match your home and change them back.

The best way to know if your home needs a change back to antique door knobs is to ask it. That doesn’t mean you need to talk to the walls or anything, but as you walk around your house, take notice of the doors. Do they seem to be missing that special touch? Are they begging for those antique door knobs back?

Even if your home did not have them in the first place, antique door knobs are a great way to overhaul the look of a door or all the doors in your home. Many times today when you have the infamous 6-paneled doors, or even white doors, adding antique door knobs saves you changing the doors themselves. Alone, and with modern hardware, these doors may seem very boring, but it is amazing the transformation that seems to take place by just adding antique door knobs. Once you have made the change you may realize it is not the door that is bothering you, but the hardware. Changing out old fixtures for antique door knobs with glass or gold accent can make that old door new again for much less money than replacing the whole thing.

Antique Glass Door Knobs

Antique glass door knobs can be important accessories and very significant to compliment the process of any makeover in any door of your room. By adding them and with careful and perfect installation, they can complete the transformation of your doors into s style that looks more elegant and nostalgic. In fact, they can even be considered as the final touch of accomplishment and satisfaction in completing your home makeover especially the interior and might make good summer knob replacements for cottage style design homes.

The characteristics that emerge and shine from antique glass door knobs are mostly due to brightness of glass tints that stimulate the looks. The value can be appreciated mostly on how the cut was finalized and how smooth the crystals were carefully trimmed.

It is no doubt that all those antique glass door knobs are longing by those who know to value and appreciate them. They can go long way to establish a period look to your door recreation and provide a sight of history that comes together. You will also amaze by witnessing that these minor door hardware can be a very nice and collectible items.

Antique shops, thrift stores, and white elephant shops might be worth browsing just to see various choice of design style and features are available. Should this not sufficient, specialty and upscale markets in antique items will have a broader selection of antique door knobs than the average corner hardware store. These knobs can also be found as rare collections on closed guarded shelves, or inside other peoples’ home as an astonishing home fixture and interior decoration.

Sometimes, the knobs may have marks as the trademark of the maker, in fact they should have if they are genuine authentic antique glass door knobs. Sure enough, they are great for collectible and memorable stuff from the past; nevertheless give a touch of charm to your house.

There are various styles and colors that come along giving the antique glass door knobs a beautiful story. The colors are limitless but commonly deep colors such as emerald green and ruby red. Adding to these colors was crafted design from various motives which includes animal such as eagles and dragons. Commonly they come in 6 to 12 facets sides from shape of ovals, circles and majority from the diamond points. Due to this uniqueness, you can see clearly the star burst effect on it which characterized the knobs impressively.

Price wise, genuine antique glass door knobs may be expensive for rare or real crystal or special sets as the cost of these remarkable items always comes justifiable to its value. The justification of how to value the knobs is by taking all contributing element which includes the uniqueness, colors, types of glass and of course where they came from.