Door Handles and Knobs Make Your Doors Look Good

Door handles are considered as one of the essential parts of any home or office. On one hand, they have practical uses; On the other hand, they add a lot to the overall interiors of home and office creating a great look and feel. Be it kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living or dining area, nothing looks perfect without attractive handles and knobs. Since the use of door hardware have become a fashion statement, they are being widely used to add glitz and glamour to the over-all look of your home or office.

Internal and External Door Handles

Speaking in the broader sense, generally there are two types of handles: external/outdoor and indoor/interior. The exterior are utilized on all main entrances to the home such as front, back, side or service door. On the other hand, interior handles are used on the doors inside the house/office like kitchen, cabinet and toilet doors. Lever-type handles and external latches have become the most popular types of external handles. Following are some of the most popular designs and types:

• Stainless steel T-Bar
• Contemporary handles and knobs
• Glass handles and knobs
• PVC door handles on plate
• Classic handles on rose
• Door knobs with Victorian lever on Rose
• Rim door knobs, Traditional Mortice Door knobs
• Black Antique door knobs
• Centre door knobs.

Contemporary or traditional

Most of the modern people prefer to decorate their doors and cabinet doors with contemporary style, beautiful door hardware such as attracting chrome finish handle with straight modern lines. Simultaneously, other people may like to have traditional with a polished antique brass finish, mounted against an attractive back plate.

Fancy door handles

For girls and kid’s rooms, Door hardware are available in pink color and cheerful cartoon designs while Kitchen hardware may come with fruit embellishments.

Kitchen door handles

For a well-designed kitchen, a wide range of kitchen cabinets with built-in dividers, sliding trays and organizers are available. If you are looking for beautifully designed Door Hardware for kitchen, you should look for Hammered knobs with back plate or Shell, Twister T, Cage and Hammered Bow handles.

What types of materials are used in Door handles

These Door hardware are made from a variety of materials such as cast brass, sheet aluminum alloy, metal sheet and wood. These are made from cast brass material may be copper finished, nickel or chrome plated, bright satin finished and antique finished. The sheet aluminum alloy handles are available in finishes like matte, dyed, satin bright or natural finishes. The metal sheet may be copper oxidized or stove enameled finish or both black. The wooden come in lever latch types with intricate and ornate carvings in base plate. At the same time, most people prefer to buy Door hardware made from brass and metal for permanent and lasting use.

Color and design of the door handle must match with the overall interiors

While selecting the color and design of these hardware, make sure that it matches well with the overall interior of your home or office. For this purpose, matching finishes and styles is highly significant. Some of the widely used finishes are polished chrome, brushed nickel, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Florentine Bronze, Stainless Steel and Stainless Brass. In other words, color, style and pattern along with the locks, spy holes, latches, knockers, fixtures and fittings must be given proper consideration while selecting the door handles for your interior and exterior doors.

Home Improvement – Use Door Handles to Pull it Together

Like the infamous television show featuring Tim Allen and his family, home improvement projects are often rife with mishaps and accidents. However, not all home repair projects are alike. Some – such as installing new cabinet hardware – are so easy to start and complete, you’ll wonder why you never thought to reinstall your cabinet hardware before!

Make a List, Check it Twice
When you hire of a professional to begin any home repair, they most likely evaluate the situation, assess the amount of work to be done and offer an estimate of the costs of labor as well as the cost of replacement parts. Likewise, so too should you make a list of the areas you’d like to replace as well as the number of parts you will need to complete the project. Be sure to count the number of smaller and often overlooked parts such as screws, hinges, floor registers and back plates to the drawer pulls and door handles. Check your list twice to make sure you have an accurate count of parts you will need.

Do Your Homework
With your handy list in hand of what you will need, it is now time for the fun part! Whether you browse online, in a catalog or in a physical store, you should allow yourself time to window shop. Gather ideas from stores, neighbors and friends about what works – and doesn’t work – for cabinet and door hardware accessories. Compare prices; check out a variety of styles, finishes and materials to see what will last and look nice in your home.

Consider Your Options for Materials
These days, it seems that styles come and go so quickly that it is best to go with your gut feeling on what your likes and dislikes are. If you prefer elegant, decorative pieces, then look for sturdy, heavy materials such as nickel and iron that have been weathered, antiqued and or burnished. Contrarily, some homeowners prefer shiny accessories; therefore, purchase shiny, reflective door knob materials such as satin chrome, copper or stainless steel. If you fall into neither category, consider glass door knobs. These accessories match any cabinet wood, finish or countertop material, regardless of how many colors they incorporate.

Size Matters
Believe it or not, you do not have to purchase a one-size-fits-all cabinet door knob or drawer pull. Surely your front door handle is larger than your below the sink cabinet dummy door knob. Therefore, consider what size is comfortable for you and your family. Some prefer larger handles because they are easier to grasp, while others prefer smaller, more delicate accessories that lightly accent the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom style.

Buy within Your Budget
One of the biggest mistakes homeowners these days make is living outside their means. This too applies to home maintenance projects as well. Be sure that when you calculate the estimate costs of whatever style and finish you choose, it remains within your budget without you have to scrimp on essentials such as groceries, clothing, utilities or credit card payments.

Remove Old Hardware Units
After shopping, one of the greatest tension-relieving parts of this home project is removing the old door handles and accessories. Start by unscrewing any screws from the back plate in the drawers or cabinets. If you would like to get your children involved, partially unscrew the accessories and allow them to pull out the pieces by hand. Be sure to provide bags for the accessories so that any screws and small pieces are not accidentally swallowed by smaller children or the family pet.

In With the New
This last step is the easiest. Simply fill in the holes of your existing cabinets with your newly purchased accessories. If you have mixed and matched styles depending on rooms, be sure to pay attention to what size or finish goes in what room. Afterwards, be sure to double check your handiwork.