Installing Door Furniture is Not Just Easy But Fun to Do!

Door furniture is not simply hardware; in fact it is a style statement. The kind of door furniture you choose for your home reflects your taste. What you ideally need to do is categorize why you need door furniture. Are you building a new house or renovating your old one? Are you working on a commercial venture? Do you need door fixtures for your shop, restaurant or office? These are a few answers you will want to have before proceeding to the next step. Here is an outline of an easy four-step process that will help you in selecting your door furniture and save you from any hassle.

Step one:

Once you have identified your reason of installing door furniture take a look around. For example you have just given your home a makeover and you are working on a limited budget, then changing door knobs would not only be cheaper but a sure-shot winner. It is cheap and shows an instant change around your home. Check your interiors and decide the kind of doorknobs you want. If your interiors are classy, old school and elegant then you should definitely go for brass door handle with ornate carving, for your main door. If you are thinking along the lines of commercial usage, or office use you will find that chrome door handles not only look stylish but they also do not need frequent replacement.

Step two:

Now that you have decided the kind of door handles would suit your home or office, you must research on the variety. The market is flooded with various kinds of door hardware. From chrome, brass, stainless steel to wooden, along with a range of textured finishes. Your research will entail logging on to the websites for doorknobs, as they not only save you the time but also unnecessary effort. You can work well within your budget.

Step three:

When you decide to buy your door handles you must keep this in mind, that you re not buying any particular door handle in isolation. There should be harmony in your choice; this will show how strong your aesthetics really are. What you might want to avoid is all the door handles screaming for attention. One relevant suggestion would be that perhaps, you work with a style and choose all the doorknobs accordingly. If you have a theme of urban-chic then you can experiment with various sizes, use even antique door handles. It can give you the liberty to mix and match.

Step four:

Now that you have all the material with you, think about installation. One good way of cutting costs is to install the doorknobs by yourself. These days, majority of door furniture is accompanied with simple, step-by step do-it-yourself manuals. Installing door furniture is cheaper and satisfying. It will give you the satisfaction of having put your blood and sweat while building your home. It is a great way to teach your own children the value of money and hard work.

Antique Door Knobs – What They Can Do For Your Door

Bring a touch of old times and elegance in your home redecorating your old doors with some antique door knobs and change your environment in indirect and subtle way, especially if you want to stand out with style and drop of elegance. Antiques are simple solution for your interiors and they offer a simple transformation of your old or boring new doors and save your money for installing whole new doors by applying one piece of door hardware. Their durability and style combine with extreme flexibility of appliance makes them one of the most wanted pieces of home accessories. They are in great demand among collectors and customers and to meet the growing demand they are exported all over the world.

You can find them made of glass, porcelain which are especially attractive for light and modern homes, then crystal ones and brass which are classic. Greek style brass antique door knobs are one of the preferable styles both with carvings and smooth variation. Then there you have glass knobs with variety of colors that only glass can display. Crystal ones with shine and elegance are loved and appreciated for a perfect fit of impressive front doors. Melon shaped antique door knobs was always customer’s favorite.

So visit local antiquity stores or purchase on internet for original old ones. That idea is great because that way you would have a piece or artwork worth much more for its historical value but also after you applied finish it will look spectacular but never over the edge. Whatever your choice is antique door knobs will altered your home and give it a conventional charm and warm feel. Don’t forget that you will have a genuine piece of history in your home if you are so lucky to find desirable number of originals antique door knobs.