Pocket Door Hardware (Modern and Antique Styles)

Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors are a classic way to provide privacy to a room, while maintaining an open feel when not in use. They require a specific type of hardware so that they may slide effortlessly back into their hiding places. This doesn’t mean that they have to be any less decorative or authentic. Our website offers many different options for strike plates and door pulls, with or without a lock feature.

There are several vintage finishes to choose from including several varieties of bronze, to best reflect your personality and decorating style. We have classic antique styles, as well as a more modern design. Our antique and antique reproduction hardware is exactly the finishing touch you have been searching for to complete your restoration project.

Each item, from our strike plates to our door pulls; come in bronze, stainless steel and brass. Each accessory is exquisitely crafted and will bring style and the feeling of antiquity to any home. Pocket doors allow a room to have the feeling of a Victorian home as well as offering more space. This style of door can make a house feel like a home with its openness and easy accessibility to the room. When privacy is a concern, we offer single pocket and double pocket locking mechanisms.

If you are restoring, creating or adding to the d├ęcor of a room, we have the hardware that is accurate functionally, chronologically and decoratively. If you have pocket doors for their style or for their space saving capability, you truly have a unique and functional door. Adding the right accents can make these doors a focus of conversations for your friends and guests for years to come. We make it easy and inexpensive to get the hard to find hardware that matches your project needs. Check out LookInTheAttic & Company for a complete selection of both Antique style hardware and modern hardware for pocket doors of all sizes!